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In this exhibition you will met some Anabaptists. Their different life stories are strongly influenced by their faith. What paths to freedom does such a faith create? The following key points of an Anabaptist spirituality encourage you to reflect on this question.

Free to believe

Anabaptists were convinced: church membership is voluntary. Their faith was and is personal, but not individualistic. Today, too, people try to live church as community, in which racist, nationalistic, power-hungry and violence-prone tendencies find little place. On this basis, new paths to peace and freedom can be sought and found together - for all people.

Free to hope

Anabaptists were dismissively referred to as enthusiasts by the Reformers. However, many of them did not see themselves as utopian do-gooders, but as people moved by God. They counted on God's Spirit to help them understand the Bible and live out church together. Today, too, people share the hope that God's power makes change and reconciliation possible.

Free to love

Many a war in the "Christian West" was fought with the Bible in hand. The Anabaptist movement has mostly read and interpreted the Bible as a great story of peace. Especially in the story of Jesus, a way of life can be discovered that seeks and finds peace with God, fellow human beings and creation. Thus, the biblical story still inspires people today to refuse the common "friend-foe" scheme and instead to overcome evil with good.

Be blessed on your way!