This exhibition was created under the patronage of the Swiss Mennonite Conference and the Swiss Society for Anabaptist History.

Many institutions and private individuals have made this exhibition possible and supported it. We especially would like to thank

  • - the Office for Real Estate and Buildings (AGG) of the Canton of Bern for permission to use the premises,
  • - the circle of persons from North America interested in Anabaptist history for their support fund (via Rev. Paul Veraguth, Wattenwil),
    - the Swiss Lottery Fund of the Canton of Bern and various private individuals for their financial support.

Furthermore, we would like to thank numerous archives, libraries and private individuals for allowing us to use images, audios, documents and other objects from their holdings in this exhibition. Names and references can be found in the corresponding rooms.

Content planning and design of the exhibition: Hanspeter Jecker (head), Markus Jost, Margrit Ramseier-Gerber, Stephan Rohner, Michel Ummel

Professional advice, graphics and design, technics: Hof3 GmbH, Trubschachen (Tom Turtschi, Cornelia Kuonen, Markus Konrad)

Texts on display panels: Hanspeter Jecker, Margrit Ramseier-Gerber and Team

Panel printing: WIRmachenDRUCK Schweiz GmbH (Winterthur)

Audios: Margrit Ramseier-Gerber, Judith Wipfler

Speakers: Lukas Amstutz, Martina Amstutz, Kaa Linder, Andreas Müller-Crepon, Christoph Röthlisberger, Judith Wipfler

Music and songs:  Urs Hostettler: Haslibacherlied (CD Anderi Lieder); Kaiser & Mansfield: What you did (CD Trimmed and burnin’); Dennis Thielmann: Für den Frieden – We want Peace; Jan Gerber with Sabine Rölli, Susanne Kling und Charly Gerber: New recordings of Anabaptist songs

Quilts: Crazy Necktie Patch: private property, Bonnie Liechty King (photo George Smucker). Others: Quilt group of the Mennonite congregation Schänzli in Muttenz (photos Mari Friesen) and stock photos.

Exhibition guidebook: Markus Jost

Translations: Mathilde Gyger, Rose Gyger

Graphic realization: Meagan Matiz, Daniel Hofer

Practical realization: Daniel Engel, Bernhard Wälti, Hans Röthlisberger and Team

Thanks are also due to the many volunteers who helped with collecting, setting up, proofreading and translating.